Seasonal Cocktails – Reindeer Punch (aka Hot Bloody Bambi)



Fed up of sweet cocktails? Mulled wine making you gag? Do you long for the days when a roaring fire and mug of Bovril was your idea of a good night? Try this recipe for Reindeer Punch, featuring Bloodshot Vodka. A delicious savoury alternative to mulled wine, and of course the name is very festive.

150ml venison stock
50ml Bloodshot Spiced Vodka
Piece of Orange Peel
1 Juniper Berry

In a pan heat the venison stock, juniper and orange peel to simmering point then stir in the Bloodshot Vodka. Serve warm and garnish with a thin slice of orange.

*Either make your own venison stock (by roasting venison bones and small chunks of cheap venison meat for 30 minutes at 190C then simmering with water, bay leaves, celery and carrot for four hours, straining and simmering) or cheat by using 50% Baxters Game Soup & 50% Baxters Beef Consomme.